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21 Mar 2022

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How to Use the Shopify Bulk Editor to Manage many Products at once

There’s a reason that Shopify has a big share of the total e-commerce market. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and comes with built-in marketing tools. It also has an easy-to-use admin dashboard that enables you to manage your store in one place.

However, some things still require manual effort and time, like managing products. Using the Shopify Bulk Editor makes the task a bit less tedious. If you only have a few products in your store, the editor does its job. Yet, as you add thousands of products and variants, the limits of the bulk editor start to show.

That said, keep reading as we guide you through the process of using Shopify’s Bulk Editor to manage your products and how to speed up the process.

What Is the Shopify Bulk Editor?

The Shopify Bulk Editor lies "hidden" inside your admin product section. The functionality is limited, but it does allow you to edit multiple product details at once, such as price, category, weight, tag, and more.

The Bulk Editor lets you update multiple products (including their variants) within Shopify admin. You can also edit customers, collections, inventory, pages, and blog posts using the editor.

How to Use the Shopify Bulk Editor

Now, let’s see a basic example of how to use Shopify’s Bulk Editor to edit multiple products.
1. Select the Products You Want to Edit in Bulk
In Admin > Products section, Shopify will present you with a list of your store’s products. Select which products you’d like to edit. To make this easier, you can click the checkbox to select and edit either all the products on the page or all at once.
2. Click Edit Products
Next to the ticked checkbox, you see a number showing how many products are selected. Next to the field, you’ll see “Edit products.” Choosing this opens the Bulk Editor.
3. Edit Products in Bulk
Now you can customize your item properties, like sizes, prices, colors, weights, and more. You can perform this by clicking on each product’s connected textbox and entering your preferred edits.

Adding a Property

If you don’t see a field you’d like to edit, you have to add fields by clicking “Add fields” at the top of the Bulk Editor. To add a property to the table for editing, click the property. You can repeat this process as many times as required to add multiple properties.

To remove a Property

To remove a property, click the “x” next to the property.

Bulk Editing in Shopify via CSV Export or Import

An alternative to the Bulk Editor is using the CSV export and import tool to edit product data. Exporting your data will give you all the store's products in a spreadsheet format. To export, click the “Export” button in Product admin. To make edits, open the file in Google Spreadsheet or Excel. When you’re done, save it as a CSV file and import the modified file to Shopify. This will update your products. While this method is easy and helpful for updating many products at once, there are some drawbacks:

  • It’s impossible to edit a single field in a product this way. You must re-import all product data for modifications to take effect.
  • It's inconvenient to always import & export the files and try to keep track of the changes. You need a clear process and preferably a dedicated person for doing this effectively.
  • The bulk editing is only as effective as the persons skills in the spreadsheet program - they're obviously not optimized for Shopify.

Bulk Editing Shopify Metafields

The bulk editor can be in some way used for editing metafields, but it's use for metafield editing is limited.

Bulk Product Editing with Super Sheet

To save a lot of time and effort when editing multiple products at once, consider a dedicated app like Super Sheet. Super Sheet displays all your products already in a spreadsheet right inside Shopify admin and is especially designed to allow bulk editing of Shopify products. For example, let’s say you want to change your pricing. Instead of toiling through each product listing and setting the price or going through a spreadsheet, you can just load the products you'd like to edit and use bulk edit to find & replace the prices. The Bulk Editor in Super Sheet is simple to use, yet allows you to edit almost all the fields not just in products, but their variants, metafields and options too. Using simple conditions with Find & Replace, you can easily add or remove tags, edit titles, SEO fields, or descriptions and increase or decrease product prices. Super Sheet is free to install, so if you're strugling with product management, please do give Super Sheet - Bulk Product Editor a try!

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