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22 Mar 2023

Photo by john lozano on Unsplash

Using metafields in Shopify

Metafields allow you to customize the functionality and appearance of your Shopify store by saving information not present in normal product details. Some uses for metafields are for internal tracking or displaying special information on your store. For example, a used car seller might want to display kilometers driven with the car on their product pages, while a grocery store might want to display product nutrition information along with the product.

To use metafields, they need to be defined first. There are also third-party apps that allow direct metafield creation, but since the release of the new metafields last year, there is now a preferred way inside Shopify admin to first define the "blueprints" for the metafields.

After defining the fields for products, they are available on the product pages. Now all you need to do is to fill each product field.

If you have a small number of products and need to only fill the metafields once, filling the metafields one by one is certainly doable.

But what if you have thousands of products or content that require changes, for example for A/B testing or information collected from vendors that need to be updated from time to time?

That's right, there's an app for that! And to be frank, there are too many apps to list here for updating metafields, but we'll focus here on one we know here the best: Super Sheet.

Editing metafields with Super Sheet is fast & easy. First, you need to load the products you need to edit. After products are loaded, you can see their metafields right there in the table along with other properties, one click away from edits. But even better, you can also bulk edit metafields by opening the Bulk Edit view, and from there using the Find & Replace conditions to find and replace correct values to all the fields at once. You can also increase or decrease numeric values, or append items to lists.

Here was a short introduction to metafields with Shopify and Super Sheet, a more in-depth tutorial is coming later! While waiting, be sure to check out how Super Sheet can help you with Shopify metafields

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